Restauranto of Kyoto Cuisine Setsugetsuka
1F Western-style table seating for four (Smoking-friendly.)
1F Horigotatsu (sunken-floor) Japanese room for four (Smoking friendly.)
1F Comfortable Noryo-Yuka (outdoor platform) with wide aisles qualities in the gentle night breeze blowing from the Kamo River
1F Comfortable Noryo-Yuka (outdoor platform) to appreciate Kyoto’s unique
2F Horigotatsu (sunken-floor)Japanese room from which you can enjoy the cherry trees in full bloom in spring
2F Western-style table seating with a view of the eastern Higashiyama landscape.
3F Room that holds 8-16 people, suitable for business entertaining and creating memories on that special day.
3F Large, comfortable seating space for up to 36, ideal for banquets of various kinds and after-parties. (Advance reservation required.)

Rooms and Noryo-Yuka (Outdoor Restaurant Platform)

“Setsugekka” in Kiyamachi Kyoto is a Kyo-Kaiseki and Kyo-ryori (Kyoto-style cuisine) restaurant. The adjacent Kamo River changes its landscape over all four seasons: rows of cherry trees blossom in spring, and vivid colored leaves glow in autumn. Rooms are available suitable for dining in small groups, including rooms with Western-style tables, and Japanese-style rooms with a horigotatsu sunken floor, where you can stretch out your legs.

We offer various types of spaces that would satisfy the needs of our guests. One is the outdoor Noryo-Yuka, which is open from May through September. You can fully appreciate a sense of freedom unique to the waterfront landscape. Another is our party room, which accommodates up to 36 people.

Noryo-Yuka (Outdoor Restaurant Platform)
Western table-seating
Reservation : 075-342-1777

Rooms are all private so that you can relax and enjoy dining without worrying about others. Setsugekka is great for business entertaining, a date, anniversaries, or simply as a hideaway.

  • ・Accommodates up to 20 people
  • ・2-4 people private room
  • ・Smoking-friendly
Tatami-mat private rooms
Reservation : 075-342-1777

Horigotatsu (sunken-floor) Japanese rooms in various sizes are available to accommodate 2-16 people. Tatami-mat private rooms are ideal for business entertaining and a family dinner. Please relax at your own pace in this comfortable space.

  • ・Accommodates up to 40 people/li>
  • ・8-16 people private room
  • ・Smoking-friendly
Party Room
Reservation : 075-342-1777

Accommodates up to 36 people. Offers views of the Kamo River, Higashiyama and Shijo areas. The room is ideal for dining in a large group. Reservation is recommended to secure your room of choice. It can be prepared to match your budget and menu requirements. Please consult us regarding any aspect of your visit from your budget to the menu.

  • ・Accommodates up to 36 people
  • ・1 table for 6 people
  • ・Smoking-friendly
Noryo-Yuka (Outdoor Platform Restaurant)
Reservation : 075-342-1777

In the evening, the Kyo-Kaiseki course menu and delicious sake are served amid the night breeze gently blowing from the Kamo River.

  • ・Open from May to September (lunch is only available in May and then September)
  • ・Dishes on Noryo-Yuka: Kaiseki course only (no à la carte dishes)
  • ・Accommodates up to 44 people
  • ・Smoking-friendly