Restaurant of Kyoto Kyogaki
1F Horigotatsu (sunken-floor) seating style that makes you feel relaxed
1F Western-style table seating with a garden view
1F Kyogaki’s Grand Tatami Room for a range of events such as banquets and meetings.
1F Comfortable room with horigotatsu-seating.
2F Rooms with Western-style table seating, particularly suitable for business use.
2F Comfortable private room for four
2F Comfortable private room for six

Room Information

We would like you to spend special time with someone precious in this quaint and elegant space, feeling the warmth of the wood and tatami and breathing in the scents of the flowers in each season.

Private rooms are available to suit the number of guests. There is no additional charge for a private dining room, but early reservation would be highly recommended so as to secure your room of choice. Kyogaki is a veritable hideaway where authentic Kyoto cuisine is enjoyed. Located in a section of Gion close to Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple, its profile is replete with Kyoto elegance. Join us on a moonlit night flowing with serene and graceful moments.

Please choose us for ceremonial gatherings commemorating a special day or event in your life, and when entertaining important clients. Kyogaki welcomes you with its tranquil spaces and fine dishes—the essence of hospitality. We are available for parties of various kinds, celebrations and memorial services. Dishes can be prepared upon request.

  • ※Advance reservations are required for certain courses.
  • ※Please feel free to take photographs for non-commercial purposes such as blog postings.
  • ※It is possible to view rooms in advance if they are unoccupied.
Private Room
Reservation : 075-531-6600

We have rooms available that are ideal for business entertaining, meetings and private celebratory occasions such as Yuino (ceremonial exchange of betrothal gifts) or Kanreki (celebrating a sixtieth birthday). The horigotatsu-style room holds 2-5 people , while the tatami-mat room accommodates 2-10 people.

Grand Tatami Room
Reservation : 075-531-6600

large, versatile space to meet a range of requirements including alumni reunions, thank-you parties, memorial services and meetings. This is a Japanese-style room with horigotatsu seating (sunken floor with table) that accommodates 30 people. Please relax and enjoy yourselves at your own pace.

Western table-seating
Reservation : 075-531-6600

a garden view room with table-seating on the 1st floor that holds eight people. On the 2nd floor, we have a private room with table-seating that is ideal for business use.

Reservation : 075-531-6600

The house with its inimitable Kyoto atmosphere used to be the atelier of Japanese painter, Suisho Nishiyama.