Restaurant of Kyoto Kyogaki
京都 祇園 京料理京柿 今月のお料理 京都 祇園 京料理京柿 今月のお料理 京都 祇園 京料理京柿 今月のお料理 京都 祇園 京料理京柿 今月のお料理

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京都 祇園 京料理 京柿のお部屋

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    miyageちりめん山椒(100g) 1,600円(税別)  ちりめん山椒(200g) 3,000円(税別) ぜひご賞味ください。

Latest News is written in Japanese

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The famed five-story pagoda of Yasaka, the symbol of Kyoto Higashiyama, rises above the cobbled hill. Walking downhill about 200 meters with the pagoda as a backdrop, you will see “Kyogaki”, our Kyoto-cuisine restaurant.

Within you will experience the standards of taste and hospitality that has been long nurtured in Higashiyama. Kyogaki provides you with a friendly atmosphere filled with moments of luxury.

Even those who, “might feel a little awkward dining in such a fabled quarter as Gion” can enjoy themselves in our cozy surrounds. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Lunch : 11:30~15:00
Dinner : 17:30~23:00
※Advance reservations are required for certain courses.

TEL. 075-531-6600
FAX. 075-532-1127

568-3 Komatsu-cho Higashiyama Kyoto 605-0811

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京料理 京柿には素晴らしい飾り壺などがありゆったりくつろいでいただけます